About Us

About Us

Iron Eagle Excavation was formed in May 2019 and has since completed over 30 projects across the DFW area. From building Retaining ponds to Warehouses and Car Dealerships.

We have brought our core values to every project, honesty, commitment and integrity. From the Owners to the operators running equipment day in and day out, Iron Eagle strives to be your next excavation contractor for any of your upcoming projects.

We strive to build solid relationships with our customers and complete projects on time and under budget. We also strive to ensure the project is completed right the first time.

Our Mission and Purpose

Iron Eagle Excavation brings a group of people to your project with integrity, grit, and professionalism.

We aim to excite and delight our clients throughout the whole process.

Expect to enjoy the process we bring to your project.

The Team

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Brandon Weinlein

Experience 15 Years

Email: Brandon@ironeagleexcavation.com

Brandon started his excavation career when he was 16 working for Earthmasters inc. in Roanoke, Texas. He started as a laborer and cleaned the jobsites and cleaned his fair share of tracks. He never has forgotten where he came from and has been at every position in the excavation business. From digging ponds to helping build 635. Brandon has done it either as an operator, foreman or owner. 

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Daniel Dean
Vice President/Operations

Experience 25 Years

Email: Daniel@ironeagleexcavation.com

Oversees day to day operations of all our projects and coordinates with customers, suppliers and superintendents. Daniel spent 5 years with Mario Sinacola as a Structures and Excavation Superintendent.

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Craig Paxton
Project Manager/Estimator

Experience 20 Years

Email: Craig@ironeagleexcavation.com

Assists in all our grade related work such as verifying quantities before we start a project to shooting our end topo at the completion of the project. Craig also does all our takeoffs and handles all our bids and has a team that is second to none. Craig came from Mario Sinacola where he served as a grade engineer and assisted on projects exceeding over 50 million dollars.

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Jason Brooks
Mass Excavation/Superintendent

Experience 22 Years

Email: Jason@ironeagleexcavation.com

Jason oversees all of our major excavation projects and has a background in mass excavation and moisture conditioning. He started his career at C&M Concrete in Springfield, Illinois. Digging foundations for homes, he then came to Texas where he served as a lead operator at Mario Sinacola. He was then a foreman and Superintendent at the Reyes Group. He helped build many major projects around the DFW area with emphasis on railroad and commercial excavation.

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Steve Cushingham
Grading Foreman

Experience 5 Years

Email: Steve@ironeagleexcavation.com

Steve oversees all of our fine grading and finish work on our projects. He started his career in Nevada, he then came to Texas and worked at Denali Trucking, Reyes Group as a foreman. He oversees our day to day operations for all our finish work and completions.